Ideal Bachelor Party

Location. Ibiza, Spain.

We need a yacht, 30+ champagne bottles and all the homies. Cruising through the waters out in nowhere, I just want an epic champagne shower.

I always sit and watch the team (of any sport) celebrate the elusive accomplishment of winning a championship, especially the champagne shower in the locker room. The rippling feeling of pure happiness, while soaking in the cold crisp champagne washing away the sweat and tears that were sacrificed.

That moment, I want it.

Summer Night Fit

One of my favourite fits for the summer because the colours just work.

Denim jacket @allsaints – Wasn’t cheap from allsaints. But denim jackets are one of those essential items that you don’t have to spend much on because no one will notice the brand. Just pick a good wash and fit. Make sure the length isn’t too long so that your tees drape slightly and noticeably longer.

Tee @stussy – The Hype”best” in me.

Sneakers @jordan – Royals. I still like my Breds slightly more. But for this fit, the blue is better.

Black Jeans @topman – If you want quality, nice fitting, tapered jeans for under $90 go to Topman and buy the “stretch skinny” fit. It’s actually not spray on tight fitting and stretches as you wear it. The best part is that they taper almost like joggers to highlight your kicks. They don’t come distressed but just get some box cutters, cardboard, youtube and you save about $100 by not buying pre distressed jeans. Again like a denim jacket, you don’t have to spend a lot for black jeans. They are black – there’s no wash. It just needs to fit right.


Outfitgrid – “I miss the old Kanye…”

When it comes to fits, theres a “Kanye” in all of us. Shoutout to @dennistodisco for creating #outfitgrid



Denim – The distressed denim look is a HUGE trend nowadays and if you want affordable but quality denim, check out They even have the cool zippers on the sides too.

T-shirt – Everlane: Just found about this brand, but they seem to have great essential pieces for reasonable prices. I’m also into T-shirts with subtle unique branding and what’s more subtle and unique than “100% human” 😉

Sneaker – Jordan Bred 1s 2016. My favourite pair of Jordans of all time. The 2016 version is straight butter.

Bad & Boujee

I spend 90% of my time in Netflix…

Browsing. Here, thank me later and check out Donald Glover: Weirdo.

HA LARIOUS – I probably watched it a good 20 times now. That part about “piglets”. Dead.

I want to be a Donald Glover one day. Think about it, he’s a rapper, comedian, actor and producer.

Further translated to “Because the Internet”, “Camp”, “Awaken, My Love!”, “Weirdo”, and “Atlanta”.

Oh… forgot to mention that he’s been casted in the next Star Wars movie as Lando.



If you are looking for a new bag…

Check out VENQUE. Canadian based company (as a Canadian thats always a plus), and they  have a unique look for a decent price point. Something that Herschel mastered.

Problem is… almost everyone has Herschel now, the “jansport” of our time. Don’t get me wrong Herschel is awesome but if you want something different check it out. Do it quick tho before they get played out.

Got a lot of compliments on this. Most notably from a random Chinese man at a Starbucks.

He still thinks I got it from “Bank”. I tried.

P.S. the bag below is their “Amsterdam” in the grey colour way. Looks like it just restocked.

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