Summer Night Fit

One of my favourite fits for the summer because the colours just work.

Denim jacket @allsaints – Wasn’t cheap from allsaints. But denim jackets are one of those essential items that you don’t have to spend much on because no one will notice the brand. Just pick a good wash and fit. Make sure the length isn’t too long so that your tees drape slightly and noticeably longer.

Tee @stussy – The Hype”best” in me.

Sneakers @jordan – Royals. I still like my Breds slightly more. But for this fit, the blue is better.

Black Jeans @topman – If you want quality, nice fitting, tapered jeans for under $90 go to Topman and buy the “stretch skinny” fit. It’s actually not spray on tight fitting and stretches as you wear it. The best part is that they taper almost like joggers to highlight your kicks. They don’t come distressed but just get some box cutters, cardboard, youtube and you save about $100 by not buying pre distressed jeans. Again like a denim jacket, you don’t have to spend a lot for black jeans. They are black – there’s no wash. It just needs to fit right.